Choosing a Nurse School

Choosing the right nursing school depends on a great number of decisions. Before making the jump to nursing school, it is important to step back and ask yourself a number of questions to ensure that you find the program that is right for you. For any institution of higher learning, there are certain qualifiers that are usually predetermined.

For example, the location of the school. Is it in an area that you find appealing? Don't think just because the school is where you are now that the location is a good thing. Picture yourself five, ten years from now. Are you still living in the same town? It makes sense to go to school where you see yourself in the future -- not the present -- because the connections and alumni network of your program will work for you a lot better the closer you are to the school. If you go to nursing school in Los Angeles and move to New York three months after graduation, then you probably would have been better served going to school in New York!

Another vital consideration is the cost of nursing school. Can you afford it? Does the program offer scholarships, grants, or any kind of financial aid? Will the money you earn after graduation pay for any student loans you've taken out, and how much can you afford to borrow? These are all important things to consider, as some dishonest programs will leave you with a mountain of debt not equal to your career possibilities.

Nurse Schools

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