Nurse School Costs

Nursing school costs, like most things in life, depend largely on the quality and consistency of what you choose to purchase. For two year programs geared toward licensed practical nursing (LPNs), it makes sense to look at community colleges and junior colleges. These schools provide the best bang for the buck so to speak, and aren't huge financial gambles if you decide that nursing isn't for you. They also offer the flexibility to attend school when and where you want, and can be juggled with a full time job.

Four year programs cost quite a bit more, and to get the most education for your dollar, you'll probably have to become a full time student. The news is not all bad however, as many of these schools also have financial aid opportunities not available at smaller jucos. If you're pressed for coin, consider that many public schools offer just as good an education as that of the private ones, and often for a fraction of the cost. Couple that with in state tuition and you should see a handsome payoff in the future for the investment you made in your education.

Nurse Schools

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